The Message... Papa Was A Playa

June 15, 2014

Growing up as a young girl  I was often asked the question "Where is you dad?" I would always answer, "My grandfather is my dad" and of course I was made fun of by the other kids who were raised by both of their parents and had what some would consider a normal relationship with their grandparents. My curiosity got the better of me and my grandmother took me to meet my biological father in Philly. My first thought was man this is guy tall.  After our initial meeting and over time I came to realize that there is a difference between dad and father. Looks wise I look almost identical to my dad. However when it comes to personality, values, work ethical, and my critical thinking skills I owe all of that and if not more to the man that raised me, my Grandfather.


I have nothing against my dad he did what men do he fell in love with very pretty women ,creative lives, and without him I would not be here today. However, I think people forget  a step in the process of creating life. There needs to be someone there who can assist the child when they are hurt or need protecting. Also, someone to teach them about how a be a better person  in the world and what are the steps that it will take to get there. I am thankful I had a such a good example in my life but I do understand not everyone has which is why some turn to outside forces to provide them what they feel they need to survive. To all the men helping shape the lives of our youth I saulte and to the dads who created a new life now is the time to make a difference. 

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