Money Over BullSh*t

June 19, 2019

Are Tired You Being Broke? 


Who would have thought that it would be this difficult to find a job, buy a home or feed your family in America in 2014. All the bad decisions and greed over the past few years have brought us to where we are today (Thank You to the Bush Administration). How we got here is obvious, but it seems that all the Yale and Harvard degrees in Washington can’t seem to fix what they have broken. So, if our leaders can’t help us then we must help ourselves. Like our great president Barack Obama has been saying, we must work together as a community, as a country so that we can secure a future for our children. 



With so many families losing their homes, high unemployment rates, the value of the Dollar declining, volatile stock market and companies closing their doors, this is still a time of opportunity. Homes are the cheapest they have been in a very long time, which means for Real Estate Investors this is the time to get in the game. They say that you need money to make money which is true in some cases, but creativity and drive can go a long way. There are many ways to get the money you need; you must be creative and persistent and have a solid plan. This is the best time for true entrepreneurs to flourish. Stocks are the cheapest they have been since the stock market crashed in the thirties. Like Robert Kiyosaki said, in his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, “Keep your day job and mind your own business. “Until next time……….Stay focused!!! 

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