Verbal Intercourse Verse of the Week

June 21, 2019

[Verse 1]


“Niggas levelin' up when they know the level is us
If I buy a watch I'll bust it or even bezel it up
They know my jeweler got a hell of a touch, uh
Make movies and even my trailers is tough, uh
Saw the boys when they was trollin' the truck
I got opps, thought they was real, but they was tellin' on us, uh
Don't give a fuck, I got that celibate touch
Made a couple mill off weed when they was mailin' it, uh
Rolls Royce truck with the suicide doors
She was five-ten, without the shoes, five-four
Penthouse eatin' meals on high floors
My man took a hit, couple mill in a dry war
Eyeball, John Wall, couple killers, they on-call, I
Matter of fact, scratch that
They probably wouldn't catch that
Probably couldn't see like where the ruler got his patch at
Bust it all down, where, where the latch at?
All my idols, they was false prophets
Talk about the plug, we ran off on the socket
Shit, to start talkin' war, we went and bought some rockets
Let me chill here”




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