Let There Be Light … Megan Thee Stallion

June 28, 2019


At first glace Meg Thee Stallion may look like all the other Instagram models she fits the description perfectly fat ass check, big breast check, and the best lace fronts money can buy check. After looking at the surface emerges a dope MC who has proven she is a force to be reckoned with. She recently secured a spot as apart of the Freshman Class for XXL without an official album dropped.


Meg whose real name is Megan Pete was born the day after Valentine’s day in 1995. She hails from Houston, TX. Her mother also a rapper encouraged Meg to rap under one condition that she finish school. While Meg was actively attending college at Texas Southern University, she was filmed spitting a freestyle that forever changed her destiny.


Thee Stallion is heavily influenced by Pimp C her lyrics are not for the weak of heart. Also, she has no problem putting dudes on notice on what they need to do keep her attention and her interest. She is not afraid to push the needle forward and oozes confidence in very line that she spits, and her sex appeal is effortless. Even though her lyrics are not for the faint of heart Meg loves showing and paying homage to the female rappers who came before her.


Meg writes very line that she rhymes and is known to be a perfection.  She recently did a freestyle on Sway in the Morning that made her an official hyena. With everything that she has going on she still has time to finish her degree through online classes at Texas Southern, and she finds time to give back. Check out her latest mix-tape by clicking the picture and her pull up interview with Joe Budden below. After you listen to the interview and the mix-tape you will become an “Hottie” too.






















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