Verbal Intercourse... Rick Ross Big Tyme

July 5, 2019

“I pray somebody tell you 'bout these bumpy roads (Woo)
Only maps to follow is your bible quotes (Yes)
And all them things your grandmother and father spoke (Yes)
I watch your actions not just captions in the shit you post (Jesus)
Cappin' on niggas, that shit'll get you smoked (Oh)
But if you rap a lil' different, that shit'll get you more (Woo)
Just like baggin' them nickels up and down different coasts (Ah)
I be stackin' them tickets, I'm tryna sit with HOV (Oh)
I be stackin' my tickets, I'm tryna sit with HOV (A billi')
I was washing the dishes but now I get the toast (Woah)
I'm the talk of the bitches while they sippin' mimosas (What's up?)
We could gossip 'bout the digits, discuss a few numbers
Too many losses inside the trenches, don't let this become us
Big time, God damn
I just got a crib in Chile to chill a few summers (God damn)
Or catch me out in Haiti, still running up numbers (God damn)
If I look into your eyes, then I made you a promise
Miami Heat, I rep like my name was Udonis (Damn)”




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