Queens Get the Money

July 7, 2019








Its crazy how the word “Queen” gets thrown around and diminished in this male dominated society. What used to be a word that represented strength and power is taken for granted and devalued. Look up the word queen in the dictionary there are many different definitions, but I define a “Queen” as a woman regarded as excellent or outstanding. Think about it, in the game of chess the Queen is the most powerful piece and has the ability to move any number of unobstructed squares in any direction. So why is that my fellow Queens aren’t embracing their inner strength, power and beauty and getting that money?


I’ll tell you why, because no one can build an empire on a weak foundation; it takes a strong financial foundation to build an empire and allow a Queen to dominate the game. Think of this game of life just like the game of chess, some of us ladies start out as pawns. The pawn is the weakest piece on the chess board. As pawns, our only focus is paying bills, keeping a roof over our heads, standing on the front lines sacrificing, protecting and fighting for everyone else. The problem with that is you’re not advancing forward, you’re not growing, not getting stronger so how can you build an empire? You have no plan or strategy to become the queen you were destined to be and get out of the rat race.


However, if the pawn has a plan and follows through and reaches the opposite side of the chessboard, it has the unique ability to be promoted to another chess piece. The pawn can become a Queen. Ladies, if we can fight and sacrifice for everyone else then we must fight and sacrifice for ourselves. The greatest part about this game of life is that it doesn’t matter your financial situation, your educational background or where you come from. You have the ability to transform and become something greater. You can become a Queen, even if you were born a pawn.


All it takes are 4 simple steps to build a solid financial foundation, and this is critical when building an empire. Implement these 4 steps immediately:


Step 1: Create a Budget

  • Spend less than you make

  • Keep track of spending

  • Stick to your budget


Step 2: Manage Your Debt

  • Don’t spend money you don’t have

  • Monitor your credit score and credit report

  • Payoff high interest debt

  • Always pay your bills on-time

  • Don’t over-extend yourself


Step 3: Implement a Strategy for Saving and Investing

  • Pay yourself first

  • Contribute to your employer’s retirement plan and take advantage of the company match

  • Setup an IRA if your employer doesn’t offer a retirement plan

  • Save for your children’s education

Step 4: Protect your Empire

  • Create an emergency fund with 3-6 months of your living expenses

  • Have adequate health and disability insurance

  • Protect your family and your empire with life insurance

Understand that not everyone is born into royalty or given a silver spoon some are self-taught how to effectively manage their money and build an empire. I need all my queens to check your foundations and start building on solid ground. Queens, you are more powerful than you think, and stronger than you know, so let’s work together and get that money!


























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