Verbal Intercourse... J.Cole Oh Wow...Swerve

July 12, 2019



"Smoke in my nappy dreads, how you scared to die, nigga?

Don't believe that lie, I think that everybody happy dead

Hell is a fabricated figment of imagination

I done seen worse for real right there off Yadkin and behind gas station 

Cambridge Homes, 'partments where the girls get damaged young

From overexposure to the vultures

And prey on them like pastors is supposed to

If they wasn't so concerned about the tags that's on they clothes, but

Guess that's how it goes, fuck it, what do I know?

Ain't been in service since Jim Jones had somethin' with Hov

I document my life with rap beefs, love songs, favorite albums

In years that my niggas got blood on they sneakers from bodies they might’ve caught

I don’t judge no one, I'm just knowin’

At night, when it get quiet, that shit could fuck with 'em

And if it don't right now, it's gon’ catch up to 'em

Guilt heavy as a cloud in a thunderstorm, huh

My niggas blowing loud like an elephantIt's

helpin' 'em to cope, I don't do nothin' if it don't

Make somethin', make a dollar

Make me wonder, make me prouder

Make me karma, make me better

I ain't no killer, don't make me have to, nigga

You want my spot, well maybe after, nigga

So active on the radio, I'm radioactive, nigga

That's a bar, I had to give it to 'em

Never slouching, not even on couches in the living room

And I feel like the world is ending soon

Is there any good or bad? Well that's depending on you

And if you wake up in time

I know it's better to be sleep, that's why we hate the alarm

I feel you"



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