Verbal Intercourse ... J.Cole Prove It

July 19, 2019

****Disclaimer rappers are going to learn to stop putting J.Cole on these features because he smokes everyone!



Big K.R.I.T., my nigga, I feel your shit
Been feelin' your shit since Felton put me on
I put him on Dot, he put me on K.R.I.T.  
Was here since then, nine years have gone
I wrote more songs than a man can count
Tryna figure out how to put 'em out
Without waterin' down my brand
I don't want 'em to not want my jams
Don't wanna become something that nobody wanna hear
But I recognize this as a bitch-ass fear
Why the fuck do I care if I ain't got your ear?
Then I ain't revered, if I ain't revered, then why am I here?
What if these songs you refuse to share
All due to the fact that you're insecure
Coulda helped somebody out there like you
See the world more clear, let me switch gear
Allow me to use this feature
To shout out one of the first fans that a nigga ever had named Felicia
I was brand new to the game, wasn't used to no fame
So it was unusual when I would land in a city and see you at baggage claim
Come to find out you was workin' for Delta
So you got to fly for the free and that means
That I was seein' you like every show
At first, it felt weird, but you was just so
Casual 'bout it and not some over-the-top fan
And that was just lettin' me know
"I really fuck with you, Cole"
Today I saw you post some terrible news as I scroll, so
This one is for you, want you to pull through
I better see you on the road





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