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August 2, 2019



SUPA TRAV is from Fayetteville, NC, A Producer, Beat Maker, Emcee, Master Barber, Film Maker, Photography, Entrepreneur.  In 3rd grade started his musical journey when his big cousin Brian, started writing raps for him and showing young SUPA TRAV how to perform the songs.  All through Jr and High School he would write his own rhymes and study the culture.  He never recorded anything until two years after high school.  In 1998, he recorded his first demo with J Cole's mentors Bomm Sheltuh.  Later that summer he got a record deal with FatBack band's Bill Curtis.  After months of recording and no album released, frustration and broke he decided to just walk away from the deal and just write music until a better opportunity came.  Late 1999, an opportunity did present itself, he teamed up with long time friend and classmate, Eccentric one of  the producers with the Justus League camp. SUPA TRAV recorded 8 songs over Eccentric's soulful beats.  While working with Eccentric, SUPA TRAV met 9th Wonder and Rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother. Just listening to the track "The Get Up" and all of the samples that 9th and Eccentric were putting together was mind blowing.  He never seen anyone chop samples the way they were doing it!  This really got SUPA TRAV interested in making beats and producing.  By 2000, SUPA TRAV started getting into position into owner his shop, 9th and Little Brother's career took off, and Eccentric went to law school.  So SUPA TRAV's music career was on hold for two years until he met a producer by the name of Rukus from Hope Mills, NC. He was able to take the 8 tracks he recorded with Eccentric and combine then with the three new tracks he got from Rukus to finish his first mixtape, "Street Literature".  The mixtape opened many doors for him, he became the host of 3 local tv shows, started his own record label, built his own studio, and began producing for other artist.  This lead to 13 more albums, including Tony Flaco, Sharee Fox, and Tandra Smith's "Promises". Lately, SUPA TRAV is working on a project called 12 albums 12 months.  All original tracks by SUPA TRAV, followed up with a documentary of the process. Listen to all of SUPA TRAV's music on all streaming platforms.  










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