Verbal Intercourse... GZA Ibtihaj

August 4, 2019

When I'm so off the radar, it's very hard to find me
In space, a selfie with the Earth behind me
You follow the leader, the track is off the meter
A lot of rap is weak, low frequency in the tweeters
Very inaudible, clock radio speakers
Quietly whispering is a world of Wiki Leakers
Forget the gaudiness my method is nauseant
Transferring ideas into the brains of the audience
The street poet gave this special art form a global reach
I earned your ear and then your heart by giving the local speech
Weaving wonder with words as potent as a sorcery
Not witchcraft, but a list of terms in the glossary
Well written rap, bound to have a greater impact
On a listener for the fact, it's well intact
An MC should electrify, beautify, strive to
Empower, inspire, transform a world view





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