It Was Written... Review Dead or Dedicated

August 8, 2019


Recently I  met an upcoming rapper from Toronto, Canada by the name of InFonite. I was instantly impressed by his knowledge of the Golden Era of Hip-Hop. His wisdom goes well beyond his 22 years of being on the planet. His debut project Dead or Dedicated proves his love for old school hip-hop. With influences such as Nas, AZ, Mobb Deep, Biggie, Wu-Tang, and Eminem he gives me hope that mumble rap is on its way out.


Dead or Dedicated takes the listener on the thought process, hard work, and belief in abilities to fulfill one's dream. InFonite sets his goals pretty high as he wants to work to be included in the top 5 conversation of great m.c.'s. With the smooth jazz samples and a couple of r&b hooks it gives the feel of an album from the late 90's. This 13 track album is a solid effort for the rookie. Here are the stand out tracks:  


Unconditional- which InFonite gives his idea of the perfect relationship and explores the meaning of true love, laced with a r&b hook it provides easy listening.


Reminscin'- is one of the best sounding songs on the project he gives insight to life growing up in Toronto and why he relates to rappers from New York because of the parallels between the two heavily populated cities. He also points out how he can not relate to this current decade and feels that the 90's were the superior era.


Fallen Kings- pays tribute to the Late Great Nipsey Hussle, Mac Miller, Prodigy, and Guru and what their influence meant to him. This was a very impressive track considering the subject matter and the young mc did it justice.


Overall, Dead or Dedicate is a great release. There are areas for improvement that will come with time like finding the right balance between the vocals and the beat and more mature subject matter. The future is bright for this young Canadian star I can not wait to see where it takes him. Take a listen to his project by clicking the cover art below.









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