It Was Written... Review of Lost Boy

August 7, 2019


 I have to admit I was not opened to giving YBN Cordae a chance. However, after listening to his XXL freestyle and watching a few interviews I was intrigued and decided to check him out. YBN Cordae was born in Raleigh, NC  and raised in Suitland, Maryland. He has named Nas, Jay-Z, Big L., J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, among other as his top influences and it shows through in his flow.


Lost Boy takes the listener on a journey of a young man transiting into adulthood. This project is filled with deep introspective, examines family conflict, pitfalls of becoming successful, and celebrates the fact he is a young making money. This album is very well balanced showing lyric maturity that his peers are envious of with picking a few bangers to be played at the club. Here is the track by track breakdown:



1. Wintertime- sets the tone for this listening experience the a smooth beat while Cordae's verbally journaling 

his head space at the time of recording. He also addresses being addicted to Xans to deal with anxiety while reflecting on the type of man Dr. King was to look into his wife's eyes after cheating. "I was lost like Dory, but I'm finally found Was addicted to this Xans to calm anxiety down And I never would admit because society clowns"



2. Have Mercy- displays more of Cordae's old soul and lyrical ability the hook for this tune is reminiscence of an old gospel song."You're mad at me 'cause your pay slower Bitter nigga, you a shade-thrower, I was just sleepin' on a sofa Now I ride with a paid chauffeur"


3. Sweet Lawd (Skit)- YBN Cordae is signing his whole soul using the hook from Have Mercy with only the backing of a piano it provides the perfect set up for the next song.


4. Bad Idea (ft. Chance the Rapper)- this was the lead single off Lost Boy YBN Cordae and Chance both compliment each other well. Both rappers reflect on the hard times they have faced in their lives as well their current position in life."Lookin' at the bigger picture, portrait, and I smile wide Performed the song and the crowd cried How can I lie? I'm tearin' up as I'm startin' to stare in y'all eyesI know the shit you goin' through the last month"


5. Thanksgiving- address everyone worst nightmare being someone to Thanksgiving Dinner when the relationship is on shaking ground. This a thought provoking track because it has happened to most people when they are seeing someone new. Examining the family's reaction, how is date is going act, as well as if the feeling are going to last was refreshing.This performed in a someone singing style. "I can be your ibuprofen, keep it real what I be hoping Know you see all of it's destined, yeah, our shit was highly chosen By the universe, the stars align, your love is far divine Plus I'm really glad you keep it G, that shit is hard to find"



6. RNP (ft. Anderson.Paak)- this is a playful record and a celebration of where Cordae and Anderson.Paak are in their career. This  was made to be listened to in the club  to flex having new money."The opposite She want me to fly her, so I copped a jet Must be thinkin' I'm a one way ticket on a runway Drippin' in my feng shui, sippin' on a sundae"



7. Broke As Fuck- during this track YBN Cordae reflects on his youth and the issues he had growing up. His flow during this track sounds like K.Dot influence. I enjoyed the mixed pattern of his flow." I don't really have a lot of answers I'm just searching for the same shit Same niggas that I came with Premonitions over reminiscing"



8. Thousand Words- reflective song regarding the importance people place on likes on social media versus liking themselves in real life. Also, looks at the lifestyle that is portrayed on Instagram as opposed to what is lived in real life."Uh, living in this false reality that's in this picture gallery Based on a nigga's profile, we guessin' salary The lifestyle you advertise was quite strategized Make a minimal amount and then we maximize"



9. Way Back Home (ft. Ty Dolla Sign)- this is another reflective track that Cordae sings on about his success and how to avoid the pitfalls that come from success."Shit, I'm still just finding myself Finding myself up out of this zone, nigga Wish me well, jezebel, get out of my sight excel, then I sell shows out for the night"



10. Grandma's House (Skit)- features Cordae and his Grandma who passed away singing this was a very heart felt moment.


11. Been Around- with the backdrop of a relaxing beat YBN Cordae raps about his life growing up in Maryland, getting his first  job, and dropping out of school to pursue his dream of making music."I dropped out of school, pops thinkin' I'm a fool It may seem all cool, but I'm feelin' awful I was down in the dumps with my confidence gone But then my whole life changed, droppin' prominent songs"



12. Nightmares Are Real (ft. Pusha T)-  Cordae and Pusha  talk about the start of their careers and what it took from them to be in the position of making music."Fightin' all my demons, they be schemin' but I'm crawlin' back And eventually flyin', lately been mentally cryin' Niggas resentin' me, I am not for the industry lyin'"



13. Family Matters- this is a stand out track YBN Cordae explores the different issues his family members are going through while he is climbing up the latter to success. He address issues of drug abuse, domestic violence, and committing fully to the music business."I got another cousin buggin' who addicted to Xans Said it was her substitute for never gettin' a man Said we all need love, only if it's in the plan Forced love the worst love, throw that shit in the can"



14. We Gon' Make It (ft Meek Mill)- this is my favorite track on the album Meek singing the hook of reassurance while Cordae rhymes about his future and why is has to make it starts to complete his journey as being found."Far from stupid, in fact, I'm smarter than Harvard students Sparked a movement and put an end to this garbage music Got me thinkin' like this can't be life These stupid ass niggas voted for the Antichrist"



15. Lost & Found- this was the perfect way to end the album Cordae is no longer lost and has found his way into hip-hop.



Overall, I enjoyed the journey Cordae gives me hope that lyrics will be back in the forefront of hip-hip. I give this album a crown rating with some room to grow.  









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It Was Written... Review of Lost Boy

August 7, 2019

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