August 4, 2019

When I'm so off the radar, it's very hard to find me
In space, a selfie with the Earth behind me
You follow the leader, the track is off the meter
A lot of rap is weak, low frequency in the tweeters
Very inaudible, clock radio speakers
Quietly whispering is a world of Wiki Leakers
Forget the gaudiness my method is nauseant
Transferring ideas into the brains of the audience
The street poet gave this special art form a global re...

July 19, 2019

****Disclaimer rappers are going to learn to stop putting J.Cole on these features because he smokes everyone!

Big K.R.I.T., my nigga, I feel your shit
Been feelin' your shit since Felton put me on
I put him on Dot, he put me on K.R.I.T.  
Was here since then, nine years have gone
I wrote more songs than a man can count
Tryna figure out how to put 'em out
Without waterin' down my brand
I don't want 'em to not want my jams

July 12, 2019

"Smoke in my nappy dreads, how you scared to die, nigga?

Don't believe that lie, I think that everybody happy dead

Hell is a fabricated figment of imagination

I done seen worse for real right there off Yadkin and behind gas station

Cambridge Homes, 'partments where the girls get damaged young

From overexposure to the vultures

And prey on them like pastors is supposed to

If they wasn't so concerned about the tags that's on they clothe...

July 5, 2019

“I pray somebody tell you 'bout these bumpy roads (Woo)
Only maps to follow is your bible quotes (Yes)
And all them things your grandmother and father spoke (Yes)
I watch your actions not just captions in the shit you post (Jesus)
Cappin' on niggas, that shit'll get you smoked (Oh)
But if you rap a lil' different, that shit'll get you more (Woo)
Just like baggin' them nickels up and down different coasts (Ah)
I be stackin' the...

June 28, 2019

"Look, real bars are the ill bars
These scars are the only real proof they couldn't kill Gods
My coke hand is still sketching out my memoirs
What I did to door panels on them Windstars
Gem stars left cuts in the dinner plates
There's new stash spots, the AC don't just ventilate
Take over your blocks, young niggas assimilate
We all break bread, like goin' dutch on a dinner date
The love of your life, rap nigga with fake watches

June 21, 2019

[Verse 1]

“Niggas levelin' up when they know the level is us
If I buy a watch I'll bust it or even bezel it up
They know my jeweler got a hell of a touch, uh
Make movies and even my trailers is tough, uh
Saw the boys when they was trollin' the truck
I got opps, thought they was real, but they was tellin' on us, uh
Don't give a fuck, I got that celibate touch
Made a couple mill off weed when they was mailin' it, uh
Rolls Royce...

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